Chattahoochee English Spaniel Club of Greater Atlanta, Inc. (CESSCGA) membership is open to ESS owners interested in learning more about the breed, obedience, agility, other dog sports or those who simply want to socialize and learn from other dog lovers in the community.

The club holds various trials and workshops throughout the year to help raise money, educate the community and provide a venue to show off the talents of dogs in the region.

CESSCGA offers members many great opportunities, including the chance to meet and learn from other dog owners, breeders, trainers, etc. in the area. The club consists of people just starting out in the various sports as well as others who have been around for years. We all love sharing our dogs with others and working together.

CESSCGA Membership Application

CESSCGA Dues Renewal

Use the link below to pay for your dues renewal with PayPal.

Dues: You must mail the form but can pay online.