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Breed Referral is offered to visitors of this site as a service. The sole purpose of this service is to provide the public information on puppies and older English Springer Spaniels by giving inquirers names, addresses, and phone numbers of club members who are listed with the service. An on-going referral list shall be maintained by the club’s Breeder Referral Chairman. It shall be the responsibility of club members to communicate with the Chairman to update their information as appropriate. This service is not meant to be construed as a vehicle for offering stud services or females in heat to be bred CESSCGA, as well as responsible breeders of every AKC¬†recognized breed, members dedicate years and thousands of dollars breeding out genetic defects of their particular breed. The kennel name, not to mention reputation of the breeder, is on the line with each and every breeding. Pedigrees can be traced through generations of breedings and records reflect any problems detected through the breeding. Breeding for profit is not a consideration for any club or member. Breeding for purpose (see GUIDELINES) is the only consideration.

CESSCGA, Inc. members abide by the guidelines set forth by the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association’s GUIDELINES FOR RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS OF ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIELS.

The ultimate goal of the membership of CESSCGA, Inc. is to perfect the breed. Accomplishing this goal requires a dedication of purpose and a commitment by current and future members of CESSCGA, Inc. The ESSFTA (English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association) has published GUIDELINES FOR RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS OF ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIELS. CESSCGA, Inc. uses these guidelines as a condition of membership as well as breed referral. The guidelines are as follows: