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Responsible breeders and dedicated members of any club are not pompous nor sacrosanct. Breeding a litter of puppies is a serious undertaking. It is expensive and a lot of work. The responsibility does not end when the puppies are sold. It is a commitment for the entire life of the puppies. A responsible breeder will always take a puppy back – At any time, for any reason, without hesitation. For this reason alone, unless your Springer (or any breed) is a champion it is not likely that someone will breed their champion to your dog. The owner of the bitch is considered the breeder and he/she will select a male that compliments his/her bitch. Show breeders with champion bitches are trying to breed the “perfect” Springer and will ship their bitches all over the country to find just the right match. Rarely will they give a stud fee puppy back in exchange for the breeding, preferring to just pay the stud fee and keep the best puppies.

If you still want to produce a litter of puppies, your best bet is to place a notice at your local vet advertising your male or female. Before you offer him at stud or her for breeding, you need to ensure your dog is free of genetic diseases for your particular breed. He/she will need to be x-rayed by your veterinarian to screen for hip dysplasia. He/she will need to be taken to a veterinary ophthalmologist and be examined for any eye problems. (Your regular vet does not usually have the proper equipment or training for this.) If your dog passes these exams and temperament is EXCELLENT, then you may want to consider breeding. Any bitch brought to a male for breeding must also be checked for hip and eye problems and should be screened for Brucillosis (a canine venereal disease). Check your local city/county ordinances. Certain counties require a license be issued approving breeding. CESSCGA Rescue has placed entire litters seized due to illegal breeding. BE A RESPONSIBLE BREEDER – Spay or neuter any dog with known genetic defects.

Hopefully, a better understanding of breeders, breeding and responsibility has been gained through this page. Further questions can be answered by completing and sending the following form.

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