» Agility

Agility is the fastest growing dog sport in the country!  You are the coach, your dog is the athlete.

The object of the game is to devise a strategy to send your dog through a prescribed course of obstacles.  Every course is different and includes different challenges for you and your dog.

The aim is to find the proper balance between control of your dog and the speed of the performance.

To be successful in agility, you must train your dog to leap over jumps, power through tunnels, navigate a slalom of weave poles and cross over ramps of different sizes and lengths.  Scoring is similar to equestrian events in that you can be assessed “faults” for flaws in your performance.

Complete the course without faults in less than a specified time and you have earn a “clean run”. Your dog earns various titles by accumulating clean runs at various levels.

CESSCGA holds an AKC-sponsored agility trial each fall in the Atlanta area.

For most folks, agility training is just as much fun as competing in trials. On average, it takes around two years for most people to train their dog to safely, accurately, and quickly perform all agility obstacles. Classes are available at a number of training facilities around the Atlanta area, although many agility enthusiasts do agility in their backyards.  Although a standard agility ring is 100x100ft, you can do a lot in even small back yards with some homemade equipment.

For more information on Agility, check out the AKC Agility Trial Manual.

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